Exercising Data Subject Rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (Reg. UE 2016/679 or “GDPR”) provides for specific data subjects rights in Articles 15-22 and MSC Cruises is committed to giving you the appropriate control of your own personal data.


The Data Subject Rights may be exercised only in regard to one’s own personal data. In case of minors or people who are unable to exercise their own rights, parents/legal guardians may exercise those rights on their behalf.

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Data Subject (I want to exercise the rights in relation to my own personal data.)
Data Subject is another person (I want to exercise the rights in relation to the personal data of a minor or another person unable to exercise their own rights and for whom I am acting as parent or legal guardian.)

Exercising Data Subject Rights

Please select the right that you want to exercise from the list below and fill in the required fields. You can only exercise one right at a time. If you want to exercise more rights please proceed by submitting different forms.

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